The signup has closed for this tournament


Team Registration

A team must have a roster of 5-7 players and have a designated team leader for organizational purposes. The team leader will be the primary contact for the tournament administration. Changes to the contact person or contact details, must always be informed to the tournament administration by e-mail.


Changes to the team roster, is allowed up to 48 hours before tournament start. Changes must be informed to the tournament administration by e-mail, and be approved by the head admin.

The team roster cannot change during the tournament. Use of a sub that is not on a team's roster is up to the Admins and the enemy team's discretion

A player may not play for multiple teams and should not be on multiple team rosters. If a player is on multiple teams, any or all of the teams may be disqualified.

The deadline for signup, is friday april 11th at 18:00 CET