is proud to present our new FREE Scandinavian League of Legends tournament – WeeKings. We have had a smashing success with our Danish events in LoL but we wanted to try and do something that connected the Scandinavian gamers a little more. We wanted tournaments that were FREE to participate in and through possible partners having a small and nice prize to fight for.

Our second of many WeeKings Tournaments, were sponsored by the large Nordic webshop KOMPLETT.DK and AMD. They have been a huge part of boosting LoL in Denmark and now they wanted a sneak peak in this new venture. We hope you will enjoy this as well.

These tournaments are to be held outside our national league seasons, so we have something fun to do while preparing for the next season to start. Typically there will be a three to four weeks sign-up period and then the battle will be fought over two days in one weekend. The winner will be crowned Kings of Scandinavian Vikings and hence the name – WeeKings.

As this was our second international event we would love to hear from you if you have ideas on how we can improve the tournament in any way. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your ideas, We would also remind you that we follow a strict code about behavioral ethics so make sure not to trash talk and treat your opponents with respect even when they bleed out on the battlefield. So please help us celebrate this new adventure and bring in your axes and beer mugs for a lot of epic battles in League of Legends.


1. place TBA
2. place TBA
3. place TBA

Tournament information

Game League of Legends
Format 5 vs 5
Type Double Elimination - BO1
(Grand Final BO3)
Duration 2 Days tournament
Start date TBA (Summer 2014)
Start time TBA
Signup deadline TBA
Location Online
Game region EU West
Maximum teams 64 (First come first serve)
Requirement Scandinavian teams only
Fee Free

Time schedule

Check-in start 10:30 CET
Check-in deadline 11:45 CET
First match 12:00 CET


If you have questions or problems, please contact the tournament administration. You can contact the administration through e-mail:

On tournament days, admins will be online on our IRC channel approx. 2 hours prior to the first match of the day.

Head admin Kenneth "Lybech" Lybech
Admin Casper "Akaya" Skov
Admin Torben "TorbenC" Christensen