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GDK CS:GO Tournament is a completely new concept in Danish Counter-Strike organized by Gaming.dk in close collaboration with SteelSeries, MM-Vision and Danske Spil. With these partners, we are launching a new Danish tournament, whose final will be held in a TV studio in Aarhus, Denmark.

It starts with 64 teams in two online qualifications, each with 32 teams. Top two from each qualifier will advance to the online semifinals, where they will play each other for a spot in the final. The casters will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The total prize pool has reached 25.000 DKK (3358 Euro). The winners are securing 10.000 DKK (1343 Euro), while the second place takes home 5.000 DKK (671 Euro). Additionally, every won map in the final will result in 2.000 DKK (268 Euro). This means that the final is played on five maps. Even if one team is up 3-0, the two last maps needs to be played. Furthermore, the MVP of the tournament will win a prize - this will be announced later.


1. place 1.343 Euro
2. place 671 Euro
Special A map victory in the finals gives an extra 268 Euro in prize

Contact information

If you have any questions about GDK CS:GO Tournament, please direct them to the following email. 

Time schedule

The registration phase for the qualifiers for GDK CS:GO Tournament starts the 2nd November, and ends the 9th November. It is of course possible for teams to participate in both qualifiers.

Qualifier 1:

It is held from the 11th November to the 13th November in the time interval 19.00 – 23.00 CET.

Qualifier 2:

It is held from the 18th November to the 20th November in the time interval 19.00 – 23.00 CET.

Semifinal 1:

The 1st and 4th seeded team meet eachother on the 1st December 20.00 CET.

Semifinal 2:

The 2nd and 3rd seeded team meet eachother on the 2nd December 20.00 CET.


The winners of the two semifinals are ready to fight in the Live Studio in Aarhus. This happens on the 7th December and the entire day will be used to play the final.